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Beginning in 2023, we've opened for poetry submissions. Each weekly issue, beginning in April, will contain 1-2 poems, and one poet will be featured across all weekly issues for the month. 

The poet will receive a separate Substack post where the poems will also appear, alongside a writer bio & photo, an artist statement, a link to recently published work & book covers (if applicable) and a craft/creativity statement. For more submission details, please refer to each individual submission category.

Ephemera also hosts several residencies and contests. 

  • Twice a year is The Write-In Residency. April-May and Sept-Oct.
  • 1x a year The Good Contrivance Farms Residency

Ephemera wants to support every literary endeavor universally and will continue to develop new ideas and bring opportunities to the community. We are currently developing a book prize to help bring new life and attention to overlooked books, their authors, and their publishers. Please keep an eye out for related announcements and look to the individual category for more information.

Ends on This opportunity will close after 100 submissions have been received.$10.00

Hello and welcome to the Ephemera Newsletter Poetry July Submission Category! We're very happy you've navigated here and look forward to reading your work. 

Ephemera Weekly Newsletter is read by 29,000+ subscribers, and we're looking forward to including creative work in each issue beginning in April 2023, alongside our visual artist and music write-ups, and our magazine and prize and award weekly submission picks.

The way Ephemera operates is a bit different. We request five to ten poems from each writer. One writer is selected to receive a $200 honorarium, and have one poem published in each weekly edition of Ephemera for the month. We charge a $10 reading fee to submit minimum 5 up to 10 poems. All submitters will receive a comped paid subscription to Ephemera for 1-month. Paid subscribers can submit for free on a monthly basis. The selected writer and poems also receive a dedicated Substack entry on Ephemera's Substack page, where all of the month's poems will appear, along with an artist's statement, biographical note, and any book or publication items.

        At Ephemera, the first issue of each month is free and our other issues are for paid subscribers. The selected poet's first work will go to all subscribers free, and the other issues are for paid subscribers. The dedicated post is partially free and complete for paid subscribers.

         A note on previously published work:
         We accept previously published work as long as the author currently retains the rights AND the poems were not published within the previous 12 months. Also, the poems cannot have won an award with pay equal to or greater than $200. We want to be fair and create new opportunities and recognize work that has not previously been awarded significantly.

         A selected author will receive a $200 honorarium, publication in each weekly issue of the month's newsletter, a year-long free subscription to Ephemera, and a dedicated post sent out to all subscribers. Payments are sent only by PayPal after the final poems and author statement are received by Ephemera, and after publication of the first issue in which the author's work appears. Work will remain on the Ephemera Substack and will not be removed--Ephemera will retain simple publication rights. All submitters are granted a comped paid subscription for 1-month. If you become a paid subscriber, you can submit to poetry for free.

         - 12-pt font
         - Doc or DocX files only
         - Remove all identifiers
         - Send 5-10 poems for consideration
         - 100-word author bio

         *We cannot permit edits to work once it is submitted. We cannot offer refunds, so please take care to submit correctly and follow the instructions. By submitting you agree to receive emails from Ephemera and Ephemera literary partners. We will not sell or transfer emails outside of the organization. Submitters are granted a comped paid subscription for 1 month, and thereafter emails are added to the free edition of Ephemera. You can opt out at any time. Thank you for your understanding and participation. Thank you, also, for your hard work and contribution to the arts and creative writing. We appreciate your presence and interest and wish you happy writing and creative success.